Published: ‘Landscape Architecture and Digital Technologies’ (Routledge, 2016)

PARKKIM's two projects are published in Routledge's recent book 'Landscape Architecture and Digital Technologies', by Jillian Walliss (University of Melbourne) and Heike Rahmann (RMIT). The book is about how technologies affect landscape architectural design. Yanghwa riverfront project was dealt in Chapter One "Topographic Surface", mostly focused on how Rhino modeling was effective for developing its topographic fabrication and for the process of collaboration with hydroengineers. In Chapter 3 "Simulating Systems", "Thermal City: a park proposal for Danginri Thermal Plant" was introduced as one of the two examples of landscape design that considered climate change and applied relevant technology in design process. It is explained in detail that how Thermal Sensation Index (TSI) technology actually applied to the design through the back-and-forth collaboration with Arup HK.